Let’s develop together the best car program for your employees

Introducing Intelligent Leasing - a fully tech-enabled unique lease product basket

Since 2007 we have been serving the corporate sector in India as one of their most preferred leasing partners. Our uniqueness stems from our ability to customize the lease offering to suit the requirement of our clients; we blend the features of the international lease model with the unique requirement of the Indian consumer and offer the best of both worlds. Pricing transparency is one of the key differentiators that we bring to the table. Over the years we have gained the reputation of being the most innovative service provider along with superb service levels that ensure consumer delight. In today's world, car lease is one of the HR tools that corporate India prefers as the mode for providing cars to their employees and at TranzLease we provide a one stop 360 degree solution platform that brings value to our customers. We currently service mainly MNCs and Indian blue chip companies across various sectors like IT, Consulting, FMCG, Pharma, Infrastructure, Publishing, Banking, NBFCs, Insurance, Engineering, Manufacturing etc.

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Why tranzlease - A 360° PLATFORM

At TranzLease, when we say “Lease” we refer to a 360 degree solution platform that helps and guides a user not only to get the car of his choice at the right cost but also enables the user to develop what we call “A personalized Automobile Lifestyle”. TranzLease solution platform covers both the corporate employer and their employees. We are known in the market place for our unique approach and superior product basket.


We also provide, for the first time in India, a complete digital portal for car and lease management for both the employer and employee. This personalized car portal has various features like car choice, explore EMI options, evaluate between lease vs loan, insurance management, accident and repair management of the car, referral system, cloud storage for your car documents et all. We bring convenience at your fingertips and we continue to invest heavily into technology for the benefit of our customers.

Lease services - for the corporate employer

  • Consulting for Car Lease Program from HR perspective
  • Helping HR to roll out Car Lease Program along with marketing and communication support
  • Changing the policy from time to time based on dynamic requirement
  • Setting up and running Auto Desk Programs on behalf of HR of our clients
  • Online car booking and lease management portals

Intelligent Leasing - Unique Features

TranzLease offers you actual transparency unlike any other player in the market. The most common complain with lease pricing, being the non-disclosure of critical calculation parameters is not there with us. At inception itself, we offer open templates with certain unique specified calculation methods that enhance your tax benefit and at the same time lower your cash flow. We aim, through our methods, to have a balance between cash savings and tax savings and each calculation is presented to you in easy to understand templates that also gets crystallized within our ERP once the agreement is signed. Contact us to know more about calculation templates ….
One of the hurdles which prevent companies from rolling out the lease program to a large segment of their employees is that on pre-closure of lease (resulting from resignation of employees) the liability primarily vests in the company and not the employee. With TranzLease, there are products where there is no foreclosure liability on the corporate from day 1 and corporate employer only pays lease rentals till such time employee is working with the organization. There is no foreclosure liability on the corporate as employee moves out under this special scheme. Contact us to know more about Zero foreclosure lease scheme ....
Unlike other players in the market, TranzLease gives you multiple choice. There are 3 methods of car registration under the lease program i.e. registering cars in the name of the employee / the corporate employer / TranzLease. We are flexible and you can adopt any one of the three methodologies. Contact us to know more about Flexi registration of cars ....
Employees often do not opt for the car lease program – although the same create savings but at the same time, if the employee needs to change job then such employee is stuck with forced purchase of car or surrender of car; in both cases, the employee is financially affected. With TranzLease we offer perfect portability i.e. the Employee can continue to have possession of the car through conversion of the corporate agreement into individual agreement. Contact us to know more …
TranzLease breaks the myth that a leased car is not “yours”. In our products we have the in-built flexi ownership option i.e. there are options for the employee to buy the car without the usual uncertainty of general lease offerings. Also, there are options wherein in case the employee decides to surrender the car to TranzLease, then the profit (if any) on sale of the car is shared with the employee. Contact us to know more ....
Another first time product for the Indian car consumer, TranzLease offers Easy Exit Lease wherein the resigning employee can simply walk out (or exit) the lease any time after a certain lock in period without any foreclosure amount that needs to be paid otherwise. This is a special product and is available only with us. Contact us to know more on Easy Exit Lease schemes ....