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Now, let's get up close to the Tranzdrive Advantages. On a 3-year tenure, see how Tranzdrive beats traditional auto loan on all counts. CONVINCINGLY.

  • You pay higher total interest over the tenure
  • You are locked in with the same car for 5/7 years
  • Your maintenance expenses on the car balloons up
  • Your risk on resale value increases substantially
  • Mid term upgrade/change of car is very expensive

In short, your total ownership cost rises substantially under the loan route !! Why do that when you have flexi lease with extension feature !!

Tenor, Monthly EMI & Services

Illustration Cost Lifestyle Plan Auto Loan
Upfront Payment Nil Down Payment 258,019
EMI 38,764 39,724
Insurance Included Not Included
Maintenance Included Not Included
Referral cash back 20,000 / car Not Available
Maintenance Expense Cover Included No cover
Resale Risk Cover Full cover No cover
  • Down Payment
  • 1st Year Insurance + TCS
  • Total Down Payment
  • Total Car EMI
  • Insurance renewals & Maintenance (+)
  • Earnings on Down Payment savings
  • Earnings on EMI savings
  • Refund of upfront payment
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • 1,395,504
  • -
  • (126,537)
  • (6,794)
  • -
  • 258,019
  • 54,474
  • 312,493
  • 1,430,059
  • 111,537
  • -
  • -
  • -
TOTAL OUTFLOW 1,262,172 1,854,089
Referral Cash Back (80,000) -
Resale of car Inbuilt 6.39 - 6.89 lacs

* You can buy car at end of tenor @market value // or extend lease at a discount.

(+) Insurance & maintenance cost under auto loan shown at minimum levels

(++) Resale of car under auto loan considered at best possible market rates

Under the private leasing route, you get rid of all hassles and troubles – you simply pay an affordable all-inclusive EMI. It is easier, intelligent and in sync with your changing lifestyle

- this is the future

+ Lease EMI includes the following

Tranz Drive Auto Loan
Insurance and renewals
Claim management
Periodic maintenance services
Running repairs
Accident repairs
Warranty management
Protection from unforeseen maintenance expenses
Protection from resale value risk
Onwership of car Optional Compulsory
Mid term upgrade Yes No