Lets make your car ownership really interesting

Introducing SMART EMI for your dream car

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    Total Cost Control


SMART EMI makes your life simple and hassle free. Our aim is to create a signature automotive lifestyle for you. You just drive the car and we manage everything for you.


Why pay for 100% of car cost when you are going to use only a portion of it !! SMART EMI is designed such that you pay only to the extent of usage for your car …. And then upgrade your car in sync with your lifestyle


SMART EMI includes everything you need -

  • Car finance
  • Full tenor insurance
  • Full maintenance
  • Claim mgt.
  • Warranty mgt.
  • Risk Cover

SMART EMI protects you from risks -

  • No more risk from unbudgeted and unforeseen maintenance expenses
  • No more risk from fluctuation in resale value of car

SMART EMI gives you control over your costs -

  • Lower EMI vs same period (tenor) auto loan
  • No uncertain expenses any more
  • No financial risk any more


Finance. Insure. Maintain. Protect. Dispose. Save. “ All in a single EMI ”

SMART EMI vs Traditional Auto Loan – know the basic difference

Traditional Auto Loan - Under an auto loan, you make a down payment, pay EMI to the bank, pay for your insurance and maintenance and finally after 3/4/5 years you sell off your car. Your cost of car ownership / car usage is uncertain and usually ends up being very high - a primary factor why world over buyers are shifting from loan.

SMART EMI intelligence - SMART EMI removes all the risks and hassles under the auto loan – it provides you with a single EMI which is calculated after reducing the future resale value from the cost of the car along with inclusion of full tenor comprehensive insurance + maintenance. Your cost of car ownership / car usage is stabilized and made risk free Also you can change your car with maximum flexibility and in sync with your lifestyle and preferences

SMART EMI - Benefits

  • Lower EMI vs same tenor auto loan
  • All inclusive EMI with full tenor insurance & maintenance
  • No more unbudgeted & unforeseen expenses
  • No more risk of resale value
  • No more investing in depreciating assets
  • Hassle free, trouble free Automotive Experience

SMART EMI - Coverage

Which car?

SMART EMI considers maintenance cost and resale value of each car model.

For different models with similar prices SMART EMI will be lower for the car with lower cost and higher resale value – this helps you choose right!!

Insurance ?

Online insurance or through the dealer ? What about claim management and renewals?

With SMART EMI all your worries are over. SMART EMI includes insurance amount for full tenor and we ensure the best coverage and high claim settlement ratio.

Maintenance ?

Dealer AMCs do not cover for everything ! Getting your car serviced or repaired at road side garages leaves you exposed to risk and further troubles

With SMART EMI, you get total comprehensive maintenance including parts, labor, lubes etc for both periodic services and running repairs. Plus we handle all warranty claims on your behalf.

Resale value ?

The resale value of your car at end of ¾ or 5 years can change dramatically based on market conditions, condition of the car, model obsolescence etc.

With SMART EMI, you have option to get out of this risk – SMART EMI can reduce expected resale price from your car cost and ensure that there is no exposure on you; this also lowers your monthly cash outflow

How to manage?

Your car should be for your comfort, pleasure and convenience … with multiple issues to handle through multiple sources this leads to chaos and frustration

With SMART EMI you also get India’s first personalized car portal – for every need of yours just interact with us through the portal and enjoy a hassle free, trouble free ride!!


Why pay higher when you can pay lower and smarter

Zero Down payment financing – 100% on road financing (optional 80% also available) means that you do not have to dip into your savings for choosing the car of your dreams

Converting expenses into EMI – Insurance and comprehensive maintenance expenses including periodic maintenance, running repairs etc. for the entire time you use the car are converted into monthly installment and included in your SMART EMI – no more separate payments ! No more sudden un-budgeted expenses !!

Lower EMI as compared to traditional auto loan – SMART EMI is calculated on a reduced base vs traditional auto loan to lower your monthly cash outflow. See illustration below -

Auto Loan
A. Cost of car 12,00,000 12,00,000
B. Tenure (number of months) 36 36
C. Expected resale value 500,000 Not applicable
D. EMI calculation base (A – C) 700,000 12,00,000
(i) EMI amount Lower Higher
(ii) Resale value risk NIL Fully on you


Lets make car insurance even better

SMART EMI converts your total tenure insurance expenses into easy installments along with full claim management services

Insurance of your car is a complex issue – online purchase may give you the cheapest rates but also comes with disadvantages of lower coverage issues in claim settlement etc. Under the SMART EMI program we bring decades of experience to provide you with the best coverage along with a host of benefits.

Avoiding the risk and paying through easy EMI – With insurance under SMART EMI program everything is covered – the right cover along with claim management and claim settlement services are all included for the entire tenor you use the car. Also, no more lump sum payment at time of renewals – the entire cost of insurance for full tenor converted into EMI and included in your SMART EMI program.

Insurance services included in your SMART EMI program

  • You get the best cover and right advice
  • Payment through easy EMI
  • Full management in case of accident, total loss or theft
  • Automate Renewals
  • NCB Management
  • No hassle of any paperwork at all


Lets get rid of car maintenance hassle & unbudgeted costs

SMART EMI converts your total tenure car maintenance expenses into monthly instalments + risk protection

No car is zero maintenance. But every time you visit the workshop on your own, you are at the mercy of the service advisor. Under the SMART EMI program, we provide you with not only the AMC (Annual maintenance), but a much more comprehensive TMC (Total maintenance) which completely takes care of all your needs.

SMART EMI Indemnity and Risk cover – Get rid of unbudgeted expenses. Under SMART EMI, your maintenance cost is already included in the monthly payment … it acts like an indemnity and risk cover and lowers your total cost over the tenor. Also it ensures better resale value. Plus you do not need to pay on a lump sum basis for any service or repair – the entire cost for the full tenor the car is used by you is converted into easy instalments and included in the SMART EMI program.

Maintenance services included in your SMART EMI program

  • Periodic maintenance services
  • Running repairs and warranty management
  • Accident damage
  • Spares, consumables, parts and labor charges for above services
  • Tire and battery
  • Wheel alignment, mechanical failures, engine overhauling, suspension overhauling etc.

SMART EMI - Online Tools

Manage your car experience with the few clicks

For the first time in India, enjoy your very own personal car portal. Now you can manage the entire life cycle of your car through specially designed online portals. At Tranzlease, we have invested heavily into technology to ensure that every customer can avail of the car lease with the highest degree of convenience and ease.


everything already included in your car EMI … no separate charges

  • Car Search
  • Online quote
  • Cloud storage
  • Billing
  • Online Insurance Mgmt
  • Online Maintenance Mgmt