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We work with exclusive top of the line customers - our strength is reflected in our current portfolio consisting of blue chip Indian companies, MNCs operating in India & the PSU sector. Typically we work only with AAA rated (or similar) companies and our philosophy is to become a one stop solution for our customers when it comes to their employee cars. Our approach is consultative and we spend substantial time with each of our customers, especially the HR and Finance divisions of our customers to strategise, structure and then implement an appropriate Car Policy for the employees. Over the years, our customers have recognised us as product leaders and innovation and ability to customise the product basket has been our hallmark. The key difference that we bring to the table are as follows -

Act as a key consulting body for the corporate HR / Finance to structure a suitable car policy for employees

Registration of vehicle in our name and not in lessee (customer) name - this ensures perfect compliance with Accounting standards, an alignment with the global system of leasing cars and also provides the benefit that if an employee has to resign he can move with the car without any change in the RC book thus protecting the asset value. In case of any accidents etc we act as a buffer and a first point of contact with authorities thus giving a further comfort factor to our clients. Though the liability for violation of Motor Vehicles Act and Rules lie with the employees in possession of the vehicle, the corporate clients have us as a partner who assist them to tackle such situations.

Various schemes where the liability of the employer is either minimal or nil unlike any other leasing product in the market (in general lease, if an employee resigns the whole liability of outstanding lease value rests with the corporate but that is not the case with TranzLease)

Auto Desk services is another way we help our corporate client - our auto desk members often are present at client premises for mutually decided periods handling all queries and taking care of the employee car purchase needs thus providing flexibility to the HR/Admin team of our clients and ensuring a healthy outsourcing of this time consuming job.

Our customers include prominent names from various sectors ... India Oil, GAIL, Mahanagar Gas, SCI, Nicholas Piramal, Colgate, Royal Bank of Scotland, KPMG, E&Y, NIIT, Sutherland Global, Max Bupa, Max Life, HDFC Standard Life, Raymonds, CEAT, Whirpool, Reliance Capital, Reliance Power and many more ...



Best Seller

Best Seller, the Denmark based global fashion giant, operating in India with the popular brands JACK & JONES & VERO MODA etc. decides to go with TranzLease.

We were looking to reward some of our top performers through an appropriate car lease scheme. The inherent spirit of the program and in tune with the DNA of fashion we carry, we decided to choose the luxury car brands like Merc, BMW, Audi etc. The decision was simple but the challenge lay in execution and in getting the right partner to help us from inception to execution.

In TranzLease, we found a team that was knowledgeable, had the right understanding, and who helped us not only in structuring an appropriate policy, but worked with our Finance & HR divisions tirelessly to ensure that our people get the right product.

What we liked most is the consultative approach and the sheer depth of the lease product basket of TranzLease. What clicked the deal in TranzLease’s favour was mainly the transparency in pricing and certain flexibilities within the product that we found to be useful and innovative. We also found great value in the zero liability on lessee feature which is a TranzLease special.


Piramal Group

Piramal Group, one of the leading business conglomerates in India, with operations in over 30 countries and home to a team of over 7,500 people from around the world across sectors such as health care, life sciences, financial services etc. enters its 7th year of association with TranzLease.

Piramal Group introduced TranzLease as a lease vendor in 2007, when TranzLease was a just a start up. Since then we have been satisfied with their services and seen the Company grow from a small entrepreneurial set up to an institution which continuously strives to deliver the best. It is true that there have been times when TranzLease faltered but we continued our association as the Company always listened to our views and issues and took appropriate measures. Also, one of the impressive factors about TranzLease is their ability to innovate. From big changes to small tweakings in the product, they always manage to put forth innovations which are very employee friendly and that is what we like.

We sincerely wish them the best in all the new endeavors they are working on and which they share with us; they always take our feedback and suggestions and it is the inclusive process which perhaps help them to deliver time and again. We have had various kinds of products from them suitable for various categories of employees and some of their recent introductions like the zero liability scheme and flexible end of lease options are really beneficial.


Max Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

Max Life Insurance, one of the leading life insurers and a joint venture between Max India Ltd. and Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co. Ltd. continues its HR driven Employee Car Benefit program into the 5th year with TranzLease – a key impetus for the 3000+ employees being TranzLease’s pricing transparency and flexible offerings structured around the Lease Foreclosure & Tenor-end scenarios.

A car lease for employees is very effective. It allows employees to get their dream car with substantial cost benefits through tax savings and other quantitative features. We use the car lease as part of the remuneration structure for our employees and it is both a motivation and retention tool.

We have been using TranzLease for our car lease program for quite some time now and we are happy to continue with them. Their products are suitable to our requirement, the registration of the car is on their name which provides lot of benefits and their pricing is transparent. So an employee knows what he is getting for what he is paying. Some of the recent product changes like zero liability schemes and flexible end of lease options are very useful.


Colgate Palmolive India Ltd. & Colgate Global Services Ltd.

Colgate-Palmolive, with a suite of oral and personal care brands, is consistently in the process of innovation to transform the lives of its consumers in India since 1937. Colgate-Palmolive enters its 8th year of association with TranzLease.

In everything done by Colgate one finds quality and we carry this approach and spirit in choosing our suppliers. Car Lease is an important tool for employee benefits and TranzLease have been effectively serving us for long and we are happy with their service, approach and overall efficiency. In all our cars we do take full service lease including car maintenance and insurance. TranzLease have been effectively servicing us on all aspects of our car lease program.


Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

TranzLease receives accolades from Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. – one of India’s Maharatna CPSEs, for consistency in service deliveries sustained impeccably over the last 7 years now.

TranzLease has been providing cars to IOCL senior officials since 2008 under various tenders and we have always found their services to be great. Our lease requirement is very comprehensive including full maintenance of the cars, chauffeur services, fuel cards and a lot more and TranzLease has been effectively catering to all our requirement.

Even at end of the lease TranzLease provides various options to continue the usage of the cars or purchase of the cars by interested employees of IOCL and their pricing is good and clear. TranzLease also provides guidance to us not only as IOCL but also to various officers for their choice of cars and such advise have always proved to be valuable. We like their expertise in automobiles and their ability to always respond with enthusiasm for anything that we may need with respect to lease of vehicles.


Polycom India

Polycom, one of the largest pure-play collaboration MNCs in the communication technology platform, with over 3,800 employees globally, decides to shake hands with TranzLease for rolling out its employee car policy in India.

We decided to go ahead with TranzLease one shot. Their expertise on the subject matter impressed us and they have been instrumental in helping us to structure the policy and its roll out amongst our employees. The zero liability mechanism of their products and various user friendly options makes it an easy choice for our employees to get their dream car.

TranzLease always adopts a consultative approach backed by an attractive pricing and a package deal that is very convenient. It’s a no hassle no trouble car buy experience. Senior officials of TranzLease are always there to guide us and to discuss various aspects of the policy. To the extent that during sign up TranzLease even went to our Singapore offices and presented the lease policy features with our global HR team. In short it is a pleasure to have TranzLease as our leasing partner.



NIIT, the world’s leading skills and talent development Corporation, removes hassles for its HR Department and creates substantial ease for its employees through TranzLease’s customized employee car benefit solutions.

Whilst there are definite merits in having an employee car lease policy, it is easier said than done in reality. Employees, in an organization like ours, carry within them various likes and dislikes and accordingly a single product is not suitable; also, with passage of time product preferences change along with change in consumer behaviour. TranzLease, understands this very well and in fact, leads the same with product innovations which is a constant feature for them.

We have been with TranzLease for quite some time now and with the new products and flexibilities being introduced we strongly feel that we will be able to roll out the lease program to a larger audience within our company through TranzLease.



Pearson Education, the world's biggest education company & educating 100 million people worldwide, enters the 4th year of its employee car benefit program with TranzLease.

TranzLease helped us in structuring a car lease policy for our company and since inception the lease policy has now been adopted by almost all our group companies. The products from TranzLease are very Indianized and flexible with pricing transparency and ease of implementation. They help our people to choose the car and from such choice to putting the car at the doorstep of the user et all is done with finesse and backed by a good service delivery.

In TranzLease, we found a team that was knowledgeable, had the right understanding, and who helped us not only in structuring an appropriate policy, but worked with our Finance & HR divisions tirelessly to ensure that our people get the right product.

Recently TranzLease is bringing a lot of developments through various portals and online tools and they have invested heavily in such technology and we believe that when fully operational such online services are going to be a major attractive feature.